Building Charity 501(c)3 in process

Vision: To help effective leaders remain effective by removing growth preventing obstacles.

Mission: Build useable structures on charity and non-profit behalf.

How: Use $20M endowment returns (est $500K annually) to provide Planning, Architecture, and Construction for at least one non-profit, charity, or social organization every year.

Why: Because planning and building a new facility often causes effective leadership to stall for 5-8 years, or fail, because non-profit leadership teams aren't normally skilled in Real Estate Development.  We want to remove this burden and help people focus on their strengths and do what they do best.  We will do what we do best: Plan, Design, and Build. 

What: Real Property will be held in trust, and re-utilized for charitable use, or reassigned to further the endowment. 

Painted Porch 501(c)3 in process

Painted Porch is a non-profit media arts production and employment training company based in St. Louis, Missouri. Our goal is to provide a wide range of services to the music, film, and broadcast industries, including music and sound design, script development, pre-production, production, post-production, and distribution. We also focus on educating and training adult-aged individuals in underserved communities, our veteran population, and individuals with disabilities, with a commitment to maintaining a diverse and inclusive work environment.