Band: Dead Cassettes  |  Photo: (c) Saul Vasques IG: @Shotby.Valentine

Live, Local Music: 

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Open Mic: Thursday @ 7pm

Hosted by Monterey County Performs

IG: @MontereyCounty_Performs

Come and Practice on-stage, Support others, Get feedback and have a good time.

Rules: Come Early to Sign up, Limit to 15 min sets (3 songs), Be respectful of others, bring your own instruments (the backline & drums are not available) . Bring your own Bluetooth connectors, Keep the community safe and comfortable,  No references to illicit drugs, gang affiliations, or gang members, the host has the right to refuse performances .

Sip and Paint - Sundays @ 2pm

Hosted by Susan's Crafting Adventures

IG: SHallStudio529


Each Week Susan Brings a unique craft to the table and teaches you techniques so that you can take home something you enjoy.  Come enjoy a peaceful Sunday Afternoon in our Light Filled Studio with Ocean Views, and craft away.

Email Susan to book a seat, and get your materials ordered. Price is between $30-45. Drinks and food are available separately.  If we get enough people - There will be Charcuterie!!

GAME NIGHT - We are looking for a host

MTG | Board Games | Card Games| Family Games



We are building a workbench for those who want to work on their gear while others play away.  We need input on how to stock it. 

*Note: 6th Avenue Studios Game night is a club and is not a MTG reseller or MTG sanctioned event spaceSacred Eight Studios in Seaside sells all you need and more.  

Underground: Saturday - To Come

Learn something unique - something you won't find at a college or university.

Band: Apricot Court | Photo by Eduardo Espinoza |(c) Saeed Enterprises, inc.

Salinas Band: Placate | Photo by Eduardo Espinoza @ Smokin' Beans Productions | (c) Saeed Enterprises